Crafting Vision into Reality

Who We Are

Established in 1965 in Turkey, Sim-Tes carries a rich legacy shaped by our visionary founder, Selahattin Ozkan. Known for his honesty, hard work, and collaborative approach, Selahattin Ozkan laid the foundation for a company that values integrity and teamwork above all else. Today, our vision is deeply rooted in this heritage, propelling us to excel in every project we undertake, uphold the principles of honesty in all our dealings, and foster a collaborative spirit within our team. It is this dedication to our founder’s values that sets us apart, allowing us to consistently deliver exceptional results and build lasting relationships with our clients worldwide.

Dedication to Excellence
At Sim-Tes, earning the trust of our clients and employees is paramount. We approach every project with the utmost dedication, ensuring that we deliver on our promises promptly and with precision. Our work ethic forms the bedrock of our reputation, reflecting our steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards in every endeavor.

Global Impact, Local Expertise
With a presence spanning multiple continents, including Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, Sim-Tes has established itself as a trusted partner in diverse landscapes. Our portfolio extends across countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Algeria, reflecting our ability to navigate complex environments with ease. This global exposure has not only broadened our perspective but has also equipped us with invaluable insights into regional nuances, enabling us to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Tailored Solutions, Lasting Results
At Sim-Tes, our wide-ranging experience enables us to deliver excellence wherever our projects take us. Whether it’s in infrastructure development, construction, or consulting services, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that drive tangible results. Our portfolio showcases the depth and breadth of our capabilities, highlighting our ability to tackle challenges head-on and deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

Discover the Difference
Explore our portfolio to learn more about how Sim-Tes is shaping the future of construction and consulting services. From ground breaking projects to transformative initiatives, each endeavor reflects our unwavering commitment to building trust through dedication and quality.

Recent Projects

Explore our diverse portfolio of recent achievements and experience our commitment to quality and client satisfaction firsthand.